Custom Advertising Tracking

Tailored to meet individual client requirements, the custom service is designed specifically to respond to your brand and market insight needs. We deliver weekly Activity Reports that alert you to real-time competitor activity and a secure, dedicated online archive resource for search, online view and local download, 24 / 7, anywhere in the world.

We track TV, print, radio, outdoor and digital advertising in over 70 markets and, coupled with our unique look at social brand communications on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, custom Global Ad Source is for marketers requiring precise information on competitor marketing communications.

Talk to us about your brief, your client, your market, your competitors and we will discuss how our unique global multi-media monitoring can deliver essential insight and help navigate competitor brand strategy.

Activity Report

Reports are customized to respond to client brief, delivering updates on new activity matched to key competitor brands, media and priority markets.

Activity Reports are supported by an online database, which serves marketing teams as a central archive of all new advertising in designated product sectors.

The resource features continuous updates of breaking campaigns, intuitive search, online view and local downloading functionality.

Online Database

Our online resource matches the client brief and is customized to reflect their specific category structure. Access is centralized, available anywhere in the world with an internet connection through a single resource.

As information is delivered, users benefit from a range of service functionality such as:

  • Custom Category Structure - We provide the Company, Brand, and Product architecture you require.
  • Robust Search Functionality - Find exactly what you need with up to ten different Search Filters
  • Interactive Geographic Visualizations - A map of where new creative has broken based on your search criteria.
  • Research and Information Sharing - Create custom teams, add members, share ads and communicate with commentary view.

Optimized Resources

In addition to collecting advertising on a global scale, we provide a layer of added value, utility and personalization so that information can be efficiently analyzed and optimized:

  • - Activity Reports are emailed to unlimited brand team members and agency partners, globally
  • - The Online Database Resource is customized in line with client sector, category and brand hierarchy
  • - Share information across teams with unique collaboration tools and ad tagging functionality
  • - Non-English language advertising is translated into English
  • - Online view and local downloading
  • - Unlimited logins without additional charge